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Each recipe is gluten-free and contains quality proteins, good carbs and superfoods. We rotate proteins every 3 months, allowing for variation and prevention of allergens build up.

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Mutton / Lamb-based dog food maintains a healthy gut, strengthens your dog’s immune system, is packed with Omega fatty acids, and helps to keep a shiny coat.
A pure vegetarian delight. Our paneer option contains pea protein, which is an ‘almost near perfect protein,’ of amino acids. This gluten-free recipe provides additional minerals and vitamins that are essential in a dog’s daily diet.
Contains the goodness of a full chicken’s leg, breast, heart, gizzard, liver and fish powder balanced with 6 vegetables, a combination of superfoods, natural anti-inflammatory and digestive supplements proportioned to meet your dog’s daily nutritional requirements.
Our fish recipe is great for dogs that are hypoallergenic as it contains sorghum, a gluten-free, whole grain, high in antioxidants. It is also a great source of vitamins B1 and B2, iron, and zinc, and regulates blood sugar levels.
Crafted with premium ingredients like buff boneless lean meat, liver, and organs, combined with rice, sweet potato, carrot, bottle gourd, spinach, and egg. Enhanced with sardine, egg shell powder, hemp seed powder, and sunflower oil, it ensures complete nutrition, promoting overall health and vitality for your dog.

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